Tourism attractions

If you have made your mind to have a trip, our website would help a lot, we are trying to detect and introduce tourism attractions of each city. We are going to share information about the place you have no idea about their existence. In addition, we would be with you and introduce the attractive places during your travel.

Setareh ha valley of Qeshm island

Setareh ha valley of Qeshm island is one of the attractive places to visit from geological point of view. As mentioned before, there are considerable number of statues in this island which add up the attractiveness of Setareh ha island. This island has registered in the UNESCO list of natural works.

Exclusive Niavaran Palace

The Niavaran Palace of Tehran, the last building built at the Niavaran Palace of Tehran, is in Pahlavi's historical period, a residence for the family of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, and for this reason it is called the Niavaran Palace, and until the last hours of the departure of the Pahlavi family from the home, the main place The residence was Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and his family.

Jahan Nama Museum of Niavaran Palace

The World Museum of Saheb Gharanieh Palace at Niavaran Palace in Tehran is a place for storing and displaying works of various civilizations that portray the historical course of the evolution of human art from the beginning to the present; in fact, it depicts the world in front of the eyes of tourists. And that's why they call it.

Niavaran palace exclusive auto museum

In this museum you can visit Iran's former sha's royal family's automobiles; these cars belong to Pahlavi family.

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