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If you have made your mind to have a trip, our website would help a lot, we are trying to detect and introduce tourism attractions of each city. We are going to share information about the place you have no idea about their existence. In addition, we would be with you and introduce the attractive places during your travel.

Nezafat Bathhouse

Thermal baths are related to the late Qajar period and is located in Hokm Abad Street, one of the old neighborhoods of Tabriz, and has been registered by the Cultural Heritage Organization for about 10 years. This bath is renovated and is one of the rarest active baths in Tabriz.
 History is underway in the care of the groom, and at the top of it, the elderly manager has many years of experience. Mr. Gholam Hossein Haqir is expecting a 75-year-old who has been in charge of this bathroom for about 60 years. The bathroom has capacity for 300 people. There are 134 historical baths in Tabriz, where the bath is currently the only bath that is operating and people are bathing.


The Historic House of Seghat al-Islam

The historical house of Seghat al-Islam Tabriz belongs to Mirza Ali Aqa Tabrizi, known as Seghat al-Islam Tabrizi, a great scholar of Azerbaijan, who was hanged during the constitution by the Russians. Seghat al-Islam's house architecture is one of the most unique architectures in Tabriz's historic palaces. This building is constructed in three floors (basement, ground floor and first floor), framed brick, as well as windows with bricks of beautiful designs in different designs, and on September 29, 2002 has registered in the list of national works of Iran.


Historic House of Ali Misio

There is a historic house in Tabriz known as Ali Misio house which was the core place of making secret decisions for the constitutional revolution by the intellectual leader of the revolution who was Ali Misio; the owner of the mentioned house. (Ali Misio and his three sons and segatoleslam with a few of constitutionalists hung in Tabriz.) This house is a two-story building with an asymmetric plan, which is characterized by its distinctive features, the connection between the inner and outer courtyards separated by a wall, while in most of the old houses there is an architectural space between the inner and outer courtyards.


The Historic House of Nematzadeh

The historic house of Nematzadeh is located in one of the old Tabriz neighborhoods named Maghsoudieh. This building is one of the beautiful and famous houses in Tabriz. According to the available documents of architecture, it is related to Qajar era. This building is located on two floors of ground floor and first floor.


Tabriz Historic House of Nikdel

The 150 years old historic house of Nikdel was owned by Qarabaghi family but in 1957 the house was sold to Buick Aqa Ebrahim Nikdel who was also a merchant and home appliances importer. From then on, the house is known as the Nikdel House. This two-story building is home to Qajar architectural elements all over the place, such as sash windows, windows inspired by original Islamic designs. Nikdel House was registered on August 5, 2003.


Historical house of Khataee Tabriz

The Khatayee family were merchants and the wealthiest families of that era in Tabriz, and were fighters and constitutionalists who were massacred by the Russians and the only remained symbol of them is a house of about 700 square meters and an area of 800 square meters of About 150 years old, it dates back to the Qajar era, and the pillars of this lofty construction are astounding at first glance. Now this house is the home of artists of Tabriz and is the venue for gathering, communicating and exchanging thoughts and opinions of Tabriz culture and art companions and the historical work recorded on August 5, 2003 in the National Heritage List.

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