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If you have made your mind to have a trip, our website would help a lot, we are trying to detect and introduce tourism attractions of each city. We are going to share information about the place you have no idea about their existence. In addition, we would be with you and introduce the attractive places during your travel.

Sharbat Oqlu House

The sharbat Oqlu (Company) is located in an area of 1600 square meters on Seghat al-Islam Street, Sorkhab town and the place known as Sorkhab Door, which is one of the attractions of Tabriz city. This building belongs to the late and the second half of the Qajar era, and was registered on September 2, 2000 in the National Register of National Monuments.


The Historic Lalei (Tulip) House

The historic Lalei house of Tabriz is one of the most beautiful historic houses in Tabriz that was built in the early time of the Pahlavi era and belongs to the contemporary researcher Yahya Zoka. This beautiful colorful, 900-meter building was built in the second half of the Pahlavi era and was registered on December 10, 2000 in the National Iranian Book List.


Dal Zal Mosque

Dal Zal Mosque in Mahad Mahin neighborhood (Miar Miar) is one of the most important historical places of Tabriz city, which has a religious-Islamic aspect. On the western side of this mosque there are two elders of the religion who were executed and martyred in the same area. The date of construction of the original building is not clear, but it has been repaired and renovated many times.


63 columns Mosque of Tabriz

On the western side of Tabriz Grand Covered Bazar, there is a 200 years old mosque known as ‘Mojtahed Mosque’ and  It is almost the biggest historic mosque of Tabriz city with 63 stone columns in 7 rows; hence, it is also called 63 columns mosque, too. At present people are using this mosque for worshipping and praying. The 63 Columns mosque  has registered on September 29, 2002  in the national monuments list of Iran.


The Tomb Mosque

The Tomb Mosque of Tabriz was formerly known as the Shah mosque. The Tomb mosque dates back to more than five hundred years. The tomb mosque is one of the most prosperous mosques in the Tabriz Bazar, and the most important speeches and religious-political parties of the Bazar in the years after the Islamic Revolution took place in this mosque. The mosque was registered on October 2, 2001 at No. 4195 in the National Iranian Book List.


Chichakloo Tourism Site

Chichakloo village is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Varzeghan city of East Azerbaijan province. The village is 50 km from Varzeghan city and it has temperate mountainous climate. In spring and summer, it attracts countless tourists from all regions of the country. The main features of this region are natural flowers with different colors and unique species.

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